Hurricane Harvey Devastates Southeast Texas: How You Can Help

Rainfall from Hurricane Harvey as of Friday morning, August 25. (Source: the Houston Press.)

The Quintessence staff would like to extend our thoughts to all those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey made landfall in southeast Texas as a Category 4 Hurricane in the early hours of the morning on Friday, August 25. Communities have been devastated by damage from high winds and flooding, and thousands of people have been displaced. Residents who evacuated may not be able to return until floodwaters have receded. Several people have lost their lives due to the storm, and many more are missing.

If you would like to help, donations can be made in many ways. The American Red Cross has mobilized disaster relief efforts in the area and accepts monetary donations online. Just select “Hurricane Harvey” in the drop-down menu under “I Want to Support.” If you are physically in the area, the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center is in dire need of blood donations. Visit their website for information on how and where you can donate. The Texas Diaper Bank is also collecting money and diapers to provide emergency diaper kits for families who have been displaced.

Our hearts go out to the members of the Quintessence family, both authors and readers, who have been affected by this disaster.

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