Quintessence Roundup: June

Quintessence 2017 Catalog

New Titles in Books

Advanced CBCT for Endodontics:
Technical Considerations, Perception, and Decision-Making

John A. Khademi, with contributions by Gary B. Carr, Richard S. Schwartz, and Michael Trudeau

This book encourages endodontists to develop a sound technical and theoretical understanding of CBCT. The authors compare the capabilities of modern CBCT imaging with traditional radiography and also present vital information about image interpretation and perception to increase competence and confidence in CBCT interpretation and minimize overdiagnosis and subsequent overtreatment.

352 pp; 688 illus; ISBN 978-0-86715-720-8 (B7208); Special preorder price! US $118

How You See It and How You Don’t: How the Principles of Human Perception Affect CBCT Interpretation


Color in Dentistry:
A Clinical Guide to Predictable Esthetics

Stephen J. Chu, Rade D. Paravina, Irena Sailer, and Adam J. Mieleszko

Predictable shade matching in dentistry remains a significant challenge for clinicians in daily practice. Color is an important aspect in the esthetics of teeth and dental restoration fabrication, and color discrepancy can mar restorative results, even when other aspects (marginal fit, occlusion, and morphology) are adequate. This book provides step-by-step protocols to help dental professionals accurately match, communicate, and reproduce the color of teeth and gingiva. These authors demonstrate how to implement color science in simple problem-solving instructions for predictable esthetics in both clinical protocols and laboratory techniques. An extensive presentation of clinical cases is included to illustrate the use of recommended protocols in general practice. An outstanding contribution to the practice and theory of color management in contemporary dentistry.

256 pp; 890 illus; ISBN 978-0-86715-745-1 (B7451); Special preorder price! US $86


Nonsurgical Periodontal Therapy:
Indications, Limits, and Clinical Protocols with the Adjunctive Use of a Diode Laser

Marisa Roncati

This book outlines the author’s clinically proven protocols for specific cause-related nonsurgical periodontal therapy, including diagnosis, treatment planning, and therapeutic interventions tailored to individual patient needs. With a focus on improved clinical outcomes, the author describes the most effective way to use manual instruments, the adjunctive use of the diode laser, and guidelines for periodontal maintenance.

416 pp; 1388 illus; ISBN: 978-8-87492-045-7 (B9535); US $130


New Issues in Journals


Featured article: Mandibular Regional Anatomical Landmarks and Clinical Implications for Ridge Augmentation
Istvan A. Urbán, Alberto Monje, Hom-Lay Wang, Jaime Lozada, Gabor Gerber, and Gabor Baksa

A Novel Approach to Bone Reconstruction: The Wafer Technique
Mauro Merli, Marco Moscatelli, Giorgia Mariotti, Alessandro Motroni, Annalisa Mazzoni, Simona Mazzoni, Lorenzo Breschi, and Michele Nieri

Survival Rates and Bone and Soft Tissue Level Changes Around One-Piece Dental Implants Placed with a Flapless or Flap Protocol: 8.5-Year Results
Stuart J. Froum and Ismael Khouly


Bone Quality and Quantity and Dental Implant Failure: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Bruno Ramos Chrcanovic, Tomas Albrektsson, and Ann Wennerberg

CAD/CAM Ceramic Overlays to Restore Reduced Vertical Dimension of Occlusion Resulting from Worn Dentitions: A Case History Report
Jiang Ting, Han Shuhui, and Hongqiang

Support Ratio Between Abutment and Soft Tissue Under Overdentures: A Comparison Between Use of Two and Four Abutments
Manami Abe, Tsung-Chieh Yang, Yoshionobu Maeda, Takanori Ando, and Masahiro Wada


Featured Article: Cortical and Trabecular Bone Healing Patterns and Quantification for Three Different Dental Implant Systems
Heloisa F. Marão, Ryo Jimbo, Rodrigo Neiva, Luiz Fernando Gil, Michelle Bowers, Estevam A. Bonfante, Nick Tovar, Malvin N. Janal, andPaulo G. Coelho

Challenging Paradigms: Update on the Use of Dental Implant Therapy for Patients with Diabetes Mellitus
Thomas W. Oates

Zirconia Implants as an Alternative to Titanium: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Basel Elnayef, Aida Lázaro, Fernando Suárez-López del Amo, Pablo Galindo-Moreno, Hom-Lay Wang, Jordi Gargallo-Albiol, and Federico Hernández-Alfaro


Interprofessional Education and Collaboration as an Approach to Overcoming Perceived Barriers in Improving Oral Health
Lorinda Coan and Amanda R. Reddington

Quality Resources for Clinical Decision Making: Part 4. Understanding the Flossing Controversy
JoAnn R. Gurenlian and Jane L. Forrest

Critical Thinking in Action: Consideration of Alternative Hypotheses
Donald M. Brunette


A Retrospective Study on Possible Predictive Factors for Long-term Temporomandibular Joint Degeneration and Impaired Mobility in Juvenile Arthritis Patients
Stanimira I. Kalaykova, Adriaan T. Klitsie, Corine M. Visscher, Machiel Naeije, and Frank Lobbezoo

Prevalence of Temporomandibular Disorders in the Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1966
Päivi Jussila, Heikki Kiviahde, Ritva Näpänkangas, Jari Päkkilä, Paula Pesonen, Kirsi Sipilä, Pertti Pirttiniemi, and Aune Raustia

A Rare Case of Misdiagnosed Silent Lung Cancer with Solitary Metastasis to the Temporomandibular Joint Condyle
Luca Guarda-Nardini, Edoardo Stellini, Adolfo Di Fiore, and Daniele Manfredini


Dental Meetings Quintessence Will Attend in June

Partners in Synergy
hosted by Pikos and Salama, June 8–10 in Orlando, Florida

Multidisciplinary Treatment Solutions for Peri-implantitis Symposium
hosted by Geistlich Biomaterials, June 9–11 in Chicago, Illinois

Pacific Northwest Dental Conference: Booth #503
hosted by the Washington State Dental Association, June 15–16 in Bellevue, Washington

2nd Biennial Meeting of the International Academy for Adhesive Dentistry
hosted by Penn Dental Medicine, June 16–17 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Upcoming Quintessence Symposia

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