Quintessence Roundup: March

Quintessence 2017 Catalog

New Titles in Books

Noncarious Cervical Lesions and Cervical Dentin Hypersensitivity: Etiology, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Edited by Paulo V. Soares and John O. Grippo

Cervical dentin hypersensitivity (CDH) and noncarious cervical lesions (NCCLs) are common findings in modern clinical practice. Although research has shown that NCCLs are a multifactorial condition involving the three mechanisms of stress, biocorrosion, and friction, few dentists know how to treat them effectively. Similarly, CDH has been an enigma for many years, and research has focused on etiology instead of treatment. In addition, little attention has been given to their mutual etiologic mechanisms of cervical stress concentration from occlusal loading and endogenous/exogenous biocorrosion. Therefore, this book approaches CDH and NCCLs together and outlines the history, mechanisms, and, most important, the clinical methods of treatment for these pathologies. It is about time we as dentists learn how to treat and prevent these conditions in clinical practice. This involves greater diagnostic effort and alteration of treatment protocols to (1) reduce dietary intake/exposure to acids, (2) manage reflux diseases, and (3) consider the significance of occlusal therapies. After reading this book, the student or clinician will be able to diagnose and treat clinical cases of NCCLs and CDH.

208 pp; 425 illus; ISBN 978-0-86715-714-7 (B7147); Special preorder price! US $124


Tooth Preparations: Science & Art

Clovis Pagani

Well-executed cavity preparation remains the primary hallmark determining the success of indirect restorative procedures. This book details the basic principles and sequencing of cavity preparation and outlines the different preparation designs indicated for a variety of clinical situations. With a focus on biologic care, preservation of tooth structure, and precision, the author provides special guidance on incorporating these principles into daily practice, and the sections on instrumentation underscore how to improve clinical dexterity and concentration. By featuring sophisticated 3D illustrations throughout to detail each preparation design step by step, this book elevates this fundamental part of operative dentistry to an art form.

312 pp; 841 illus; ISBN 978-1-78698-001-4 (B9099); US $108


New Issues in Journals


Featured article: Subperiosteal Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Ridge Augmentation Technique (SMART): A New Standard for Bone Reconstruction of the Jaws
Ernesto A. Lee

Clinical and Histologic Evaluations of SLA Dental Implants
Myron Nevins, Stefano Parma-Benfenati, Franco Quinti, Prima Galletti, Cosmin Sava, Catalin Sava, and David M. Kim

Dynamic Documentation of the Smile and the 2D/3D Digital Smile Design Process
Christian Coachman, Marcelo Alexandre Calamita, and Newton Sesma


A Critical Review of Search Strategies Used in Recent Systematic Reviews Published in Selected Prosthodontic and Implant-Related Journals: Are Systematic Reviews Actually Systematic?
Danielle Layton

Sociodemographic, Educational, Behavioral, and Psychologic Factors Underlying Orofacial Esthetics and Self-Reported Oral Health
Cristina Gómez Polo and Javier Montero

Determining Favorable Maxillary Implant Locations Using Three-Dimensional Simulation Software and Computed Tomography Data
Tomoya Gonda, Koichiro Kamei, and Yoshinobu Maeda


Thematic Abstract Review: Dental Implants in the Posterior Mandible: Complications and Management
Emad W. Estafanous

A Novel Osseous Densification Approach in Implant Osteotomy Preparation to Increase Biomechanical Primary Stability, Bone Mineral Density, and Bone-to-Implant Contact
Salah Huwais and Eric G. Meyer

Long-Term Results of Peri-implant Conditions in Periodontally Compromised Patients Following Lateral Bone Augmentation
Philip L. Keeve and Fouad Khoury


Interprofessional Education and Collaboration as an Approach to Overcoming Perceived Barriers in Improving Oral Health
Lorinda Coan and Amanda R. Reddington

Quality Resources for Clinical Decision Making: Part 4. Understanding the Flossing Controversy
JoAnn R. Gurenlian and Jane L. Forrest

Critical Thinking in Action: Consideration of Alternative Hypotheses
Donald M. Brunette


Topical Review: Potential Use of Botulinum Toxin in the Management of Painful Posttraumatic Trigeminal Neuropathy
Nathan Moreau, Wisam Dieb, Vianney Descroix, Peter Svensson, Malin Ernberg, and Yves Boucher

Pain from Dental Implant Placement, Inflammatory Pulpitis Pain, and Neuropathic Pain Present Different Somatosensory Profiles
André Luís Porporatti, Leonardo Rigoldi Bonjardim, Juliana Stuginski-Barbosa, Estevam Augusto Bonfante, Yuri Martins Costa, and Paulo César Rodrigues Conti

Association Between Chronic Tension-Type Headache Coexistent with Chronic Temporomandibular Disorder Pain and Limitations in Physical and Emotional Functioning: A Case-Control Study
Rüdiger Emshoff, Felix Bertram, Dagmar Schnabl, and Iris Emshoff

Dental Meetings Quintessence Will Attend in March

AO Annual Meeting: Booth #500

hosted by the Academy of Osseointegration, March 15–18 in Orlando, Florida

ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition: Booth #730
hosted by the American Dental Education Association, March 18–21 in Long Beach, California

IADR/AADR/CADR General Session & Exhibition: Booth #310
hosted by the International Association for Dental Research, the American Association for Dental Research, and the Canadian Association for Dental Research, March 22–25 in San Francisco, California


Upcoming Quintessence Symposia

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