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New Titles in Books

Quintessence of Dental Technology 2017
40th Anniversary edition!

Sillas Duarte, Jr (Editor)

QDT 2017 celebrates its 40th anniversary in style with beautifully presented original articles on new materials and techniques for achieving the utmost esthetic restorative results. This year’s focus is on challenging esthetic cases, treatment planning for various restorative options, new techniques using zirconia, and taking CAD/CAM beyond its limits. The State of the Art article presents the RAW digital workflow, and the Biomaterials Update features the Adhesive Restorative Complex concept. QDT’s new Masterclass article addresses the challenge of restoring a single central incisor. And the Masterpiece article this issue, presented by Naoki Hayashi, is a visual display of dental artistry.

256 pp; 1,000+ illus; ISBN 978-0-86715-736-9 (J0628); US $148


Vertical and Horizontal Ridge Augmentation: New Perspectives

István Urbán

This book expertly describes the key features of vertical and horizontal ridge augmentation, such as the surgical anatomy of the floor of the mouth, papilla reconstruction, the modified lingual flap and the preservation of the mental nerve during flap advancement, growth factor applications used in conjunction with perforated membranes, managing complications of membrane exposure and graft infections, and a step-by-step description of complete reconstruction of the severely resorbed maxillary ridge using GBR with simultaneous sinus augmentation. Almost all cases described include a retrospective section with suggestions on what could have been done differently to achieve even better results, making this book a frank, ambitious, and immensely informative text on the clinical practice of ridge augmentation with GBR.

400 pp; 1,229 illus; ISBN 978-1-78698-000-7 (B9096); US $244


Keep It Simple: Concept Porcelain Book

Paulo Battistella

In this book, the author expertly describes his techniques for layering restorative materials to more accurately recreate the esthetic qualities found in natural teeth. By separating the enamel layer into two distinct layers—enamel and enamel effects—the author achieves ideal biomimicry. Featuring expert photographs by Carlos Ayala, this book guides the reader through the refractory technique behind the author’s restorative creations.

236 pp; 588 illus; ISBN 978-85-7889-092-6 (B9986); US $150


The Workbook

Carlos A. Ayala Paz

With a reputation as one of dental photography’s most innovative experts, the author of this book elevates clinical photography to artistic expression. This workbook outlines the equipment, settings, and technical steps behind the author’s stunning photography and pairs his handwritten text with images of the production phases as well as the final photographic results. To see these photographs is to see the mouth in a way you can never forget, and this workbook will enable clinicians and lab technicians to likewise showcase the artistry of their own work.

252 pp; ISBN 978-85-7889-093-3 (B9987); US $220


Modern Esthetic Dentistry: An A to Z Guided Workflow

Vincenzo Musella

This atlas synthesizes the latest technologic advances in esthetic dentistry and shows how to successfully integrate them into clinical practice. Part I begins with a chapter on dental photography that focuses on the correct settings and use of equipment needed to obtain high-quality images for documentation and communication with patients and the laboratory. Subsequent chapters present the steps involved in the esthetic preview, which provides the opportunity to try out a proposed treatment and make adjustments before undertaking any procedures, increasing patient acceptance and satisfaction. Part II presents clinical cases demonstrating the inverse layering technique for direct and indirect restorations, and Part III features clinical cases showcasing both traditional and alternative uses of lithium disilicate, an advanced restorative material with high esthetic potential and good strength. This is an excellent resource for clinicians looking to incorporate the latest techniques for predictable and stable esthetic results.

456 pp; 1,358 illus; ISBN 978-88-7492-038-9; US $191


New Issues in Journals


Featured article: Papilla Reformation at Single-Tooth Implant Sites Adjacent to Teeth with Severely Compromised Periodontal Support
Istvan A. Urban, Perry R. Klokkevold, and Henry H. Takei

Clinical Evaluation of the Influence of Connection Type and Restoration Height on the Reliability of Zirconia Abutments: A Retrospective Study on 965 Abutments with a Mean 6-Year Follow-Up
Giacomo Fabbri, Mauro Fradeani, Gianluca Dellificorelli, Marco De Lorenzi, Fernando Zarone, and Roberto Sorrentino

A Prospective Clinical and Radiographic Assessment of Platform-Switched Laser-Microchannel Implants Placed in Limited Interimplant Spaces
Myron Nevins, Sonia Leziy, Eric Kerr, Ulrich Janke, Giulio Rasperini, James Hanratty, Kirk Pasquinelli, Tiziano Testori, Cary A. Shapoff, and David M. Kim


A Critical Review of Search Strategies Used in Recent Systematic Reviews Published in Selected Prosthodontic and Implant-Related Journals: Are Systematic Reviews Actually Systematic?
Danielle Layton

Sociodemographic, Educational, Behavioral, and Psychologic Factors Underlying Orofacial Esthetics and Self-Reported Oral Health
Cristina Gómez Polo and Javier Montero

Determining Favorable Maxillary Implant Locations Using Three-Dimensional Simulation Software and Computed Tomography Data
Tomoya Gonda, Koichiro Kamei, and Yoshinobu Maeda


Thematic Abstract Review: Dental Implants in the Posterior Mandible: Complications and Management
Emad W. Estafanous

A Novel Osseous Densification Approach in Implant Osteotomy Preparation to Increase Biomechanical Primary Stability, Bone Mineral Density, and Bone-to-Implant Contact
Salah Huwais and Eric G. Meyer

Long-Term Results of Peri-implant Conditions in Periodontally Compromised Patients Following Lateral Bone Augmentation
Philip L. Keeve and Fouad Khoury


Changing Our Long-Held Beliefs About Floss
Deborah M. Lyle

Quality Resources for Clinical Decision Making: Part 3. A Comparison Between Scaling and Root Planing and the Nd:YAG Laser in the Treatment of Periodontal Disease
Jane L. Forrest and JoAnn R. Gurenlian

Evidence on the Use of Probiotics in Periodontal Therapy
Silky Sharma


Topical Review: Potential Use of Botulinum Toxin in the Management of Painful Posttraumatic Trigeminal Neuropathy
Nathan Moreau, Wisam Dieb, Vianney Descroix, Peter Svensson, Malin Ernberg, and Yves Boucher

Pain from Dental Implant Placement, Inflammatory Pulpitis Pain, and Neuropathic Pain Present Different Somatosensory Profiles
André Luís Porporatti, Leonardo Rigoldi Bonjardim, Juliana Stuginski-Barbosa, Estevam Augusto Bonfante, Yuri Martins Costa, and Paulo César Rodrigues Conti

Association Between Chronic Tension-Type Headache Coexistent with Chronic Temporomandibular Disorder Pain and Limitations in Physical and Emotional Functioning: A Case-Control Study
Rüdiger Emshoff, Felix Bertram, Dagmar Schnabl, and Iris Emshoff

Dental Meetings Quintessence Will Attend in February

ICOI Winter Symposium 2017: Solutions to Dental Implant Complications: Booth 101
hosted by the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, February 16–18 in New Orleans, Louisiana

CDS 152nd Midwinter Meeting: Booth 4408
hosted by the Chicago Dental Society, February 23–25 in Chicago, Illinois

LMT Lab Day Chicago
hosted by LMT Communications, February 24–25 in Chicago, Illinois

AAFP 66th Annual Scientific Session: Navigating New Frontiers in Prosthodontics
hosted by the American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics, February 24–25 in Chicago, Illinois


Upcoming Quintessence Symposia

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