New Periodontal Review: A Study Guide Available Now!

2-Termeie_CoverwebIt is a feat to become certified by the American Board of Periodontology (ABP), and attaining the diplomate status shows a dedication to the specialty of periodontics and a commitment to become the best periodontist possible. The ABP Qualifying Examinations are comprehensive, difficult to prepare for, and often very overwhelming, and that is where this study guide comes in.

Dr Termeie’s own experience preparing for the ABP examinations inspired her to write a comprehensive study guide. Her book, Periodontal Review: A Study Guide, is detailed and well organized and provides prospective candidates with all the information and literature review that they need to prepare for the examinations. Set in a question/answer format, the text provides complete yet succinct, evidence-based responses to questions with references to pertinent research. Each chapter covers its topic in full, divided into sections for easy reference.

When appropriate, answers are provided as lists, tables, and with graphic design elements to aid in memorization and recall. Clinical images are also included as needed to elucidate the text. The final chapter provides sample case presentations with questions to allow the reader to prepare for the protocol portion of the examination and offers helpful advice such as when a well-supported response based on sound rationale, rather than a specific answer, is required.

This is a highly recommended resource for all those seeking certification or recertification from the ABP, or who would like to have a comprehensive reference guide in periodontology.

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