Celebrating National Children’s Dental Health Month with America’s Tooth Fairy



February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, a program sponsored by the American Dental Association to raise awareness about how good oral health habits established in childhood lead to a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

Get kids engaged with good dental habits with The Magical Tooth Fairies: The Secret of the Magic Dust and How the Tooth Mouse Met the Tooth Fairy, books that will entertain and educate children about the importance of caring for their smiles.  “The Magical Tooth Fairies” is the first book in a new series based on a popular cartoon.  Each book comes with a corresponding episode on DVD.

In conjunction with the Tooth Fairies series, Quintessence is proud to partner with National Children’s Oral Health Foundation: America’s Tooth Fairy by donating a portion of the proceeds from each book sold.

America’s Tooth Fairy provides educational materials, community outreach, oral health screenings, and treatment as part of a united effort to protect children’s oral health and break the cycle of preventable oral diseases in underserved communities. Young readers of the Tooth Fairies series can also sign up for the America’s Tooth Fairy Kids Club, which provides newsletters with oral health tips and activities for kids, parents, and caregivers.

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