Issue 6 of PRD Available Online

December 2012
Volume 32 , Issue 6
Table of Contents:

1 . GUEST EDITORIAL: To a Life Well Lived
Authors: Lloyd K. “L.K.” Croft, DDS

2 . Clinical Performance of Porcelain Laminate Veneers: Outcomes of the Aesthetic Pre-evaluative Temporary (APT) Technique
Authors: Galip Gurel, DDS, MSD/Susana Morimoto, DDS, MSD, PhD/Marcelo A. Calamita, DDS, MSD, PhD/Christian Coachman, DDS, CDT/Newton Sesma, DDS, MSD, PhD

3 . The Impact of Bone Compression on Bone-to-Implant Contact of an Osseointegrated Implant: A Canine Study
Authors: Myron Nevins, DDS/Marc L. Nevins, DMD, MMSc/Peter Schupbach, PhD/Joseph Fiorellini, DMD, DMSc/Zhao Lin, BDS, PhD/David M. Kim, DDS, DMSc

4 . Subepithelial Connective Tissue Graft in Combination with a Coronally Advanced Flap for the Treatment of Miller Class II and III Gingival Recessions in Mandibular Incisors: A Case Series
Authors: José Nart, DDS, PhD/Cristina Valles, DDS/ Santiago Mareque, DDS/Antonio Santos, MD, DDS, MS, PhD/ Javier Sanz-Moliner, DDS/Andrés Pascual, DDS

5 . Use of Piezosurgery During Maxillary Sinus Elevation: Clinical Results of 40 Consecutive Cases
Authors: Michele Cassetta, DDS, PhD/Laura Ricci, DDS/Giovanna Iezzi, DDS, PhD/Sabrina Calasso, DDS/Adriano Piattelli, MD, DDS/Vittoria Perrotti, DDS, PhD

6 . Immediate Implant Placement and Provisionalization With and Without a Connective Tissue Graft: An Analysis of Facial Gingival Tissue Thickness
Authors: Kitichai Rungcharassaeng, DDS, MS/Joseph Y.K. Kan, DDS, MS/Shuji Yoshino, DDS, MSD/Taichiro Morimoto, DDS, MSD/Grenith Zimmerman, PhD

7 . The Connective Tissue Platform Technique for Soft Tissue Augmentation
Authors: Giovanni Zucchelli, DDS, PhD/Claudio Mazzotti, DDS/Valentina Bentivogli, DDS/Ilham Mounssif, DDS/Matteo Marzadori, DDS/Carlo Monaco, DDS, PhD

8 . Changes in Crestal Bone Around Endosseous Implants During Functional Loading: A Radiographic Evaluation in Edentulous Patients Comparing Different Implant Designs

Authors: Nynke Tymstra, DDS, PhD/Henny J.A. Meijer, DDS, PhD/Gerry M. Raghoebar, MD, DDS, PhD/Arjan Vissink, MD, DDS, PhD

9 . Immediate Rehabilitation of the Edentulous Mandible Using Ankylos SynCone Telescopic Copings and Intraoral Welding: A Pilot Study
Authors: Marco Degidi, MD, DDS/Diego Nardi, DDS/Gianluca Sighinolfi/Adriano Piattelli, MD, DDS

10 . Randomized Controlled Clinical Study of rhPDGF-BB + β-TCP Versus HA + β-TCP for the Treatment of Infrabony Periodontal Defects: Clinical and Radiographic Results
Authors: Kaustubh Thakare, MDS/Vikas Deo, MDS

11 . Bone Loss Around Immediately Loaded Transitional Implants: Histologic and Microcomputed Tomographic Analysis—A Case Report

Authors: Roberto Grassi, MD, DDS, PhD, MScD/Alberto Rebaudi, MD, DDS/Paolo Trisi, DDS/Ugo Covani, MD, DDS/Antonio Barone, DDS, PhD, MSc

12 . Use of a Buccinator Musculomucosal Flap in Implant Surgery: A Case Report
Authors: Young-Kyun Kim, DDS, PhD/Pil-Young Yun, DDS, PhD

13 . Treatment of a Large Postextraction Buccal Wall Defect with Mineralized Allograft, β–TCP, and rhPDGF-BB: A Growth Factor–Mediated Bone Regenerative Approach
Authors: Mark B. Snyder, DMD

14 . A Novel Diagnostic and Prognostic Classification for the Clinical Management of Endodontically Treated Single Anterior Teeth
Authors: Rafael Murgueitio, DDS/Gustavo Avila-Ortiz, DDS, MS, PhD

15 . Alveolar Ridge Reconstruction with a Composite Alloplastic Biomaterial

Authors: David M. Kim, DDS, DMSc/Marcelo Camelo, DDS/Myron Nevins, DDS/Ardavan Fateh, DDS/Peter Schupbach, PhD/Marc Nevins, DMD, MMSc

16 . Autogenous Bone Grafts in the Esthetic Zone: Optimizing the Procedure Using Piezosurgery
Authors: Piotr Majewski, DDS, PhD

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